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A Demi-god with crimson and silver wings. Capable of burning half the world in crimson rage while shielding the other in silver providence.

Originates from "Emmanuel."

Is often humored by Korean Television Dramas.
Emelito: ...
(sound of flames)
Emelito: ...
by Ecsis February 18, 2008
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A fly motherfucker, usually has orgies in his backyard. He is faster than speeding bullets and can leap tall buildings in a single gyration.
has a odd weakness to nonexistent elements that sound like the existing element "krypton", and rubber dicks.
when exposed to his weaknesses, Emelito is weakened by a factor of 2 billion, and becomes a raging homosexual.
Henchman: "Look, up in the sky! Its a bird! No,It emelito!"
Villain: "quick, get me my rubber dick!"
by Che pepera February 18, 2008
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