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Emdrew is the combination of the gorgeous, amazing couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. They are famous for their roles in The Amazing Spiderman. They are both golden globe nominee and is the ultimate OTP!!
"Emdrew is my ultimate OTP, omygooooood"

"I love emdrew in The amazing spiderman"

"Hoooh emdrew should just get married already"
by ohdeaarme November 04, 2012
The shipping of 2 people called Emma & Andrew. Otherwise known as the ultimate OTP! The Andrew only finds out of his worth when partnered with Emma. They are only ever fully alive when in each others company because they belong to one soul, when separated they think of each other often, as it is a pleasant way of passing the time until their next meeting.
Guy #1: They bought the same damn sub & drink, AND sat with each other!

Guy #2: Dude they're such an Emdrew.

Guy #1: I'm just waiting for them to realise they're a OTP!
by Undercover_Cop_1997 June 23, 2013
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