Top Definition
spanish fishing pole!
he used elrod to catch el fish!
by anonymous54367 December 25, 2007
a word that is scremed out at the top of your lungs at the most inapporate times.
ELROD!!! when you are makeing a shoot in pool
by killerbunny454 November 09, 2003
One who enjoys shopping with there mother.
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
one who shops with his mother and enjoys it. He also is the alighty poser.
God that guy is such an elrod
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
just queer really
nothin more maybe a bigger queer
-He's so gay.
-Yeah, hes definatly an elrod.
by how do you say faggot? November 05, 2003
A boy who carrys a Nordstroms bag around Short Pump Town Center, thinks he's cool, and doesn't realize he is a complete homosexual.
X: Man! I hate that elrod, he's been following us for hours.
Y: Yeah dude he's an elrod motherf**ker!

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