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Verb(past tense) used to describe something that has been irrationally or unnaturally lengthened against all logical reason and sense.
NOTE: This is an example of an entirely unnecessary transformation of a standard English word, into a much larger colloquy, with usually at least 5 times the letters of the original word (which is now lost in a soggy quagmire of sewer-worthy American filth).

Example 1; Hugely over-dramatic sport commentator 1: "Well the quarter-back totally Elongitudinalizeated that play."

Hugely over-dramatic sport commentator 2: "Tell me about it! It was completely un-applicationallyable in that scenario!"

Example 2; American 1: "Hey buddy, do you wanna add some suffixes to existing English words just for the hell of it?"

American 2: "Yeah man! Oh boy... do you remember last time we elongitudinalizeated all those words?! That was SICK DUDE!"
by Sam Chadwick November 15, 2007
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