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A place in Queens,New york with a shitload of immigrants.
Elmhurst is Not the greatest place to be at night.
by Fuck the mexicans July 11, 2006
52 100
A Suburb of Chicago, Illinois that is known for googling sex more than any other city in the United States of America in 2006

also known as E-Town, El Hurst, The Hurst, and "that place"
"Elmhurst, Illinois, is apparently way into sex." - San Francisco Chronicle
by grape_Kape January 25, 2009
153 29
location where the realest of rillaz reside.
Niggas got laced hardbodii at Elmhurst last night!
by Steven the pimp daddy of new york September 30, 2006
105 62
1. The best suburb of Chicago. Period.
2. Where the coolest people live.

Dude 1:Hey,want to go see York kill Leyden down in elmhurst?
Dude 2: Word
by colt45+2zigzags March 16, 2008
94 65
A suburb of Chicago where all the white guys pretend to be black. And theres really not too much excitment happening, besides the occasional run to the theatre, Jamba Juice, or Cold Stone
Wanna go to Elmhurst with me this weekend?" "No, its too boring
by 1894ANEjeT July 27, 2011
36 12
1) A city in Queens, New york with a shitload of immigrants.

2) A place where nobody has a life and gets nothing done. Full of all types of druggies, scumbags, whores, and fake ass gangsters that call themselves "ABK". Where scumbags chase 12 year olds for sexual desires. A dirty ass neighborhood.
Fuck Elmhurst that shit is wack, i don't know how i made it through birth in Elmhurst hospital
by sikemuthafuka August 18, 2011
11 23