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A new fad among middle school and high school kids. An imaginary animal. See youtube for an animated version.

An Ello Deaver is a slow, and stupid creature. It has two legs, which it stands on and has two arms.
The Deaver Call is one of the very special features about this thing. It also has very large ears to help it hear.
It also has one nostril which hinders its smell by half.
It has two to five very large buck-teeth which it uses to eat, and bite it's enemies.
Some Ello Deavers are good, and some will bite your toes. If they can jump high enough, they will bite your shins.
If you scare or startle an ello deaver, it will explode and two ello deavers appear.
The darker the ello deaver, the rarer. Very few are black and scare often. There are many white deavers, and they vary in color.
Every 1 in 1000 deaver is a bad deaver. And every 999 in 1000 is a good one.
The ello deaver has a white, puffy tail like a rabbit's.
Hey look, it's an Ello Deaver!
by Gary Sherrill August 27, 2007
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