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A large floppy marcupial who lays eggs with his highlighter sized penis. Commonly seen with the north american bear, dildo heed, tampon heed or the great ginger mammoth. Can also be found in your local back alley raping small children with a squad of baboons.

Staple diet: bavarian pancakes, camel toe jam and meat flaps. Enjoys the occasional arabian sandstorm.
Ellis. Floppy baboon. 2sp.
by mr gaylord deeds May 26, 2007
21 72
To recieve a blow job while playing a video game.
Greg got an "ellis" while playing NCAA 2005 on his Xbox.
by Bob O December 19, 2005
782 375
When you do something really cool you pull an Ellis
"omg that was so ellis" or "can you try that again to make it so totally ellis"
by Vicorita December 23, 2005
692 334
a word that means "cool". ellis = cool
Gurl 1: Hey did you see last night's episode of House? It was so cool!

Gurl 2: You mean, it was so ellis?
by pfiz May 14, 2008
408 170
Name for a hot girl with an amazing personality and a nice chest.
"Dude that girl is so fucking Elli!"
by SicknessE June 01, 2009
266 87
A lethal drink consisting of Hard LQ, beer, a drop of soda, and a orange popsicle
Brad drank and Ellis tonight and passed the fuck out.
by Brad81289 November 27, 2006
291 181
The funniest hottest and most ghetto german girl ever!
OMG there is elli teh germ......
by tehgerman May 08, 2005
158 86
God. Also Goddess.
Two definitions apply to the same spelling (and same prononciation)

Elli Norse Goddess of Old age

Elli, from the word "Elohim" a title for God in Aramaic (speaking of "God on High" or "Highest God")
1: Elohim Alshaddi. Elli God on High.

2: Elli Fought Thor
by hopskip July 02, 2005
132 69