Ellie is the kind of girl that will always be there for you, she's drop dead gorgeous, and she's funny, smart, cute, and sexy all at the same time. She's everything else you would ever want in a girlfriend. Basically, she's perfect.
Wow, I'm so glad I met Ellie, she's the best thing that ever happened to me!
by cas97 March 28, 2013
That cute little teenage girl from The Last of Us that everyone wants to name their newborn daughters/sisters/cousins after her
woman: "what a beautiful baby girl... What should we call her?"
man: "We'll call her Ellie, fits her perfectly"
woman: "were you playing The Last of Us last night?"
man: "Yup"
by Big_Danny_K February 24, 2014
Ellie is a very kind person, who will stand up to her friends. DONT MESS WITH HER, she is usually into sports like Volleyball, or softball. She is sarcastic a lot but is really funny! Very pretty and adorable also very Hot.
Lots of guys want her but she will refuse to all of them she has a good eye for who she wants, it will probably be her boy best friend, secretly she will love him. Never she and crazy! Always knows how to start the party! She loves lots of you tubers or she is one. You will be the luckiest people on earth to date or be friends with an Ellie. Ellie's are usually best friends with girls with the name Maddi, or Catherine.
Person 1: Wow that girl has brown hair must be an Ellie
Person 2: especially since she is really pretty
by Ellie's July 24, 2015
It's the name of the most beautiful girl. She will make you laugh and smile, and just be overall cool. She's the girl every guy wants as their bæ. She's just all around sexy! ❤️❤️❤️
Guy 1: Hey babe whats up.
Guy 2: Back if she's my bæ.
Guy 1: Woah! You got ELLIE as your bæ?
Guy 2: Yeah! Awesome right!
Guy 1: Fml I wish I was you!!!
Guy 2: She's the one for me!
by Gratata Deluxe September 13, 2014
The term used for a girl who believes what websites say about the meaning of her name is true, or fascinating in any manner.
Man, that girls is always looking up her name. She's an Ellie.
by Jocary June 12, 2009
Ellie is a great person. She is pretty and lovely. She would make a great girl friend and if you are dating an Ellie never dump her because she is so amazing and kind. Ellie has a kind heart and she can get angry but very rarely but gets sad and upset easly. Ellie can be shy at times but some times she's crazy! Ellie would also make a great friend!
"Isn't Ellie so lovely!"

"Yeah I love her!"
by Sassykid September 17, 2014
At first sounds and appears innocent, but as soon as they opens their mouth its quite clear Ellie is a wild child ready to party 24/7 7 days of the week. Ellie's are usually found outside late at night smoking cigarettes/rollups/spliffs.

They are smart and have always got something to talk about, whether its gossiping, bragging, chatting shit or telling stories they've always got a way to make her friends laugh.

They are very dramatic and if something has pissed Ellie off your gonna know about it. Whether its her complaining about how cold she is or why the service at a bar is shit, Ellie will make sure everyone knows that she is not happy.
But shes mainly found on the dance floor drink in hand, boobs on show, smiling and bopping away, posing for pictures and snogging boys. Ellies have been found to be the highlight of most peoples night.
Girl:"did you see that girl Ellie, on the dance floor? her boob popped out whilst she was dancing and she didnt give a f***!"
Guy:"Yeah shes got great tits"
by raenor June 16, 2014
A person who you can all ways count on super nice and will be the best girlfriend you will ever have in your life she is funny and will be the best friend in the world. If you don't have an Ellie well go get your self one
Guy: dude I got a girlfriend

Other guy: dude is she an Ellie?
Guy: yea and the best one
by Goodguy43 June 16, 2015
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