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An expensive Italian fashion/sportswear brand which has recently re-surfaced

It was originally popular in the 80s and worn by an elite-key crowd who could afford the brand with tops costing £80+ which bought you a week in spain in the 80s

Known for its rarity it can not be found in stores and only a select few online stores sell it
*Man walking down the street in new track top*

Stranger: Hey is that Ellesse?

Man: Yea, you like it?

Stranger: Yep, havent seen that brand in years
by The80sGuy May 10, 2011
A brand similar to adidas often worn by subway chavs. Ellesse is popular among teenagers and has a 1980s style.
Have you seen jim's new Ellesse hoodie? It looks fly.
by brainlessfreak January 11, 2016
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