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A very unusual, hard to read girl. sometimes talkative and sometimes reserved, depending on who's around her. She loves unconditionally, and takes care of the friends she comes across. You can always spot her from far away because of the weirdly-girly and lacy things she chooses to wear. Known amongst those who get to know her at all as a person who won't shut up until she runs out of breathe, Ellee is a fun and beautiful person to be with. Just don't get on the wrong side of her, although she is a peaceful person, she'll attack you with her razor sharp words if you push her that little bit too far..
Person one: Is that Ellee?

Person two: The one dressed in lace, and bows and jeans? with the giant curls?

Person one: Yeah, it's her..
by disasterpeice February 04, 2010
Basically the most badass girl you will ever meet. She is down for just about anything and loves to have fun. Meeting an Ellee is extremely rare, so if you meet her, your life will be fulfilled. She also has an amazing singing voice but if you ask her to sing for you, she is too shy and won't let anyone hear her. If you not only get the chance to meet an Ellee but also get to hear her sing, you are the luckiest person on earth!
Person one: Dude, I heard Ellee sing yesterday!

Person two: Yeah right, Ellee doesn't sing for anybody.
by mrstealurgirl456 September 03, 2011
Ellee is a one of a kind friend, the type of person that you sincerely would be lucky to come across. She has a certain charisma that draws people towards her and you find yourself just wanting to talk to her and be her friend whenever she steps in the room. Not only is she amazing inside, but also is beautiful on the outside. She has a unique appeal about her that only grows as you get to know her. She is not stuck up and can admit that she has a nerdy side, such as her love for Harry Potter or that she can't sleep good at night without reading a couple chapters in her current fantasy novel. She doesn't try to stand out in the crowd by dressing too flashy, she prefers jeans and a t-shirt over anything. But her beauty and charismatic personality automatically outshine everyone else in the room. If you find an Ellee, don't let her go because she loves unconditionally, will be the best friend you ever had and will always tell you the truth based on what's best for you.
I saw Ellee today and I don't know what came over me but I just walked right up and introduced myself to her!
by mr.whoooo July 02, 2011