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A highly sophisticated, beautiful young woman who tends to look innocent but has many sexual encounters with boys, even if in a relationship. An Ellcha tends to keep animals around her to fill her loneliness, especially when all of her men have found out she is cheating.
She was being a fucking Ellcha! That cheating whore.
by kittygotcat May 31, 2011
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1. a pickle

2. the most beautiful girl in the world. She's too hot to handle and can make you smile any day. She's super sexy and all around perfect.

3. a wild animal in bed

4. a girl that fears silver men and practically anything.
1.Everyday I'm Ellchalin'!

2. I can be such an Ellcha sometimes.

3. We all have our Ellcha moments, yours just tend to be everyday.
by MiseryyRedd June 20, 2011
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