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term referencing a middle eastern arch angel. The absolute innocent out of all siblings. Miracle Sweet. Calm. Vampiress. She can make the world a better place for u and for me and the entire human race. She is the true princess of all. She is cold towards strangers and rightfully so. You have to earn your way into her heart and panties. No sleazy Midwestern boys allowed. She is honest and a true friend to the deserving. She doesn't show off, isn't flashy and never wears too much make-up. Uses common sense and sexiness to achieve desired conclusion. She will blow your socks off and you'll like it... Love thy sissy♥ Don't hurt the pretty lil flower.
Damn that Ellaheh appeared in my dreams.
I couldn't tell if that was reality or Ellaheh.
I love Ellaheh Days.
Thank God for Ellaheh Whip, better than Mayonnaise.

Ellahehs really do come true.
by ♥love♥love♥ May 05, 2010
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