A beautifuk young lady with a personality like a butterfly. She never lies and is a trustworthy person. She has many friends and works hard. When it comes to trying she never gives up. Ella is a skilled girl and is useful in every way.
Ella is an amazing girl.
by the girl that's me May 20, 2014
A super swag girl with an amazing personality who is super sarcastic at times and gets really obsessed with certain things. Friends of Ella are always very lucky for such an amazing opportunity and cherish the time they have with Ella, because Ella somehow is always rejected by her friends as their relationship grows. Ella is often a blogger, and likes to stay inside all day wearing her pajamas to blog. Ella is a future cat lady and enjoys all cats, although she believes dogs are pretty cool too. Ella has the most amazing music taste and fashion taste, and everyone should always cherish Ella's advice about fashion and music (as well as other things), because she does not often give it. Ella is the future wife of one of the four boys in Five Seconds of Summer, and would like to travel the world when she is older (and able to afford it), so she can take pictures and put it into a book. She also hopes to work as a photojournalist one day.
Everyone: "Ella is so swag why can't I be her"
Luke Hemmings: "Wow Ella is so gorgeous omg"
Ashton Irwin: "Wow Ella is hilarious can we get married"
Micheal Clifford: "Wow Ella is so cool she'll even play video games with me"
Calum Hood: "Wow I'm so lucky to know Ella I wonder who will be lucky enough to marry her"
John: "Wow Ella is my swaggiest friend ever like she has so much more swag than me I'm so jealous"
by queenofswag1234 January 10, 2014
ella is a gorgeous girl who is perfect in every way. her usual type is arrogant pricks who make her feel like crap and they don't deserve to be alive. Ella should never be upset because she's far too lovely for that, she is blonde with green eyes. Ella has the best friends in the world because she is the best thing ever. she's intelligent but doesn't always act it, some may even say she doesn't seem all there. She has mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaasssssiiivvvveeeeeee boobs which are the envy of just about everyone, all the guys want her but shes too innocent to realize.
yeah that's ella.
by katzabz March 24, 2012
Ela. A strong independent young woman who LOVES! it when people take their anger out on her cause it gives her a chance to release all the anger she has built up inside. Shes not all bad though, shes funny, intelligent, cool to talk to, has a great sense of humor and a great personality. She loves to party hard and lives her life to the fullest. She hates, like absolutly hates fake people and two faces. Shes the most realist person youd ever meet so dont piss her off or talk shit behind her back cause your jelouse of her or give her an excuse to ditch yo ass for being a fake fuck cause shell leave and wont think twice about coming back.
Girl 1: that girls cool, who is she?

Girl 2: yeah, she is but dont mess with her, thats ella.
by FuckYoFurr August 02, 2014
beautiful, awesome and kind. She is a girl with a lovely voice and is too crazy! She can alothough be secretly jealous but if you care for an Ella, she can be quite the one to keep an eye on.
keep an eye on Ella, she can be a heck of a girl!
by PurpleTurtle218 November 28, 2014
A very beautiful, nice and caring young lady. Not a backstabber unless it's completely necessary, and stands by her friends until the very end. She has perfect smooth skin with nice chubby cheeks. she is a beatiful girl. she has a very strong personality and is known for her kindness and generous attitude. She is cool and usually has brown hair, and blue eyes. She is very popular and kind but sometimes can rather depressing as she needs a man in her life!
OMG! she is beautiful, how can she not have a man by her side.. that must mean she is called ella!
by Monkey Socks December 29, 2011
Ella is one of the most amazing girls i have ever, ever met, she means a hell of a lot to me, usually blonde, curly haired and good looking, has lush blue eyes, and is just generally amazing, any boy would want her, one of the most amazing smiles ever! even though she thinks she isnt any good, she is, she has tiny hands, and is always cold! give her a hug and she will warm up, has a lot of friends even though she an be quite quiet with new people. She has a huge heart and can show that to her closests friends, if you are ever lucky enough to have her, always be good to her, and never let her go, i love her!!
Steve: "hey look at ella"
Tim: "yeah she is awesome"
Steve: "she is"
Tim: "i wish she loved me"
by cdfgher February 08, 2013

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