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A noun meaning .... One who loves, Elk the large deer like animal, (Wapiti) mostly found in western United States. An Elkoholic, studies elk and their habits constantly, learns to mimic their sounds, and waits all year for the season they can hunt and kill the animal they most revere. They almost always are seekers of trophies and somehow bestow admiration on other Elkoholics that posses large, impressive, specimens of the animal. Most do plan to eat the animal they hunt, so it is alright with the world. Elkoholics probably have replaced Mastdonoholics, for obvious reason, (and thankfully so.) I must admit to Elkoholism.

Elkoholic may also be used as an adjective, to describe a condition of containing many Elk. (Such as) This spot in the forest certainly appears Elkoholic.
Danial talks constantly about his hunting of elk; so much so it seems he is hoping to become considered an Elkoholic.
by BuckskinBuggy November 04, 2010
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