A two block hick town nothing. Lets face it's old person comunnity! If you find a young teenage they either are on drugs, sexaholic, or lost. Lets face it! Iowa has nothing. How is this place legally a town?
Elkhart looks like a ghost town of old people.

Look at Elkhart! Oh wait you missed it!
by ToxicSexiMexi March 19, 2011
Top Definition
A city in Indiana full of stoners, pregnant skanks, party animals, meth-fueled trailer trash, and Mexicans. Basically your run-of-the-mill shithole town that was once something important.
There Is Nothing To Do In Elkhart
by Outlaw0976 July 10, 2008
the ghetto part of northwest indiana usually a meth lab or pot garden is right down the street.
cops in elkhart dont give a damn
by KeNzO November 12, 2006
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