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Elkford is a small town on the Eastern side of B.C. , Canada. Although small, it is well known throughout the valley. Mostly for it's frequent bush parties.

Things to do in Elkford: Nothing realisticly, unless you enjoy wildlife. Some residents enjoy chasing deer as a hobby. Hunting is also quite popular, unless your an animal-rights person.

Something that has picked up lately in the area, is an epic dance move. You make 2 fists, pound them twice above your head, and twice below. Do this to a beat of a rather faster paced song, and you'll fit in just fine.

Elkford doesn't get along very well with it's next-door town, Sparwood. The reason is unclear to some people, unless your in the highschool.
*Epic music plays*

Elkford person: Hey! This has a good beat.

*Elkfordians do Elkford dance*

Outsider: ... Wth?
by Jonnered July 28, 2010
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