1. NOUN. Commander Commando. She collects penises and she's the coolest girl in the entire universe ever (along with Amara, of course.). Everyone loves her. She's sexual. See femme fatale.

2. ADJECTIVE. Having qualities extreme hotness.
Elize, baby, you must be a kleptomaniac, because you stole my heart!

My, Susan, what an Elizely purse you've got there, it really brings out the sharpness of your jaw.
by Uh Marr Uh December 22, 2004
Top Definition
Word for complete perfection and strong beauty.
Oh that boon is so elize-like!
by boonbaw July 09, 2009
Amazing person inside and out the face of an angel and the heart of gold if females where like her no male would be safe she can make you feel like your the only one in the world when she looks in to your eyes and her touch is smoother then silk
Elize is a gorgeous woman
by boeboe March 28, 2015
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