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This name is internatinally known that once known by the name of Eligh, you can summon the Beastly Dark Purple ferocious Powers of Eligorgan, the Beastly Dark Purple Ferocious Powerful Dragon.
Those who misuse these powers will be banished to the land or Kinflarhaty. The land where wild boars and enraged donkeys roam.
So all you Elighs out there, beckon this almighty dragon at your own risk. Or buy 'Dragon Summoning For Dummies' at your local retailer for a reasonable price.
I am Supreme Eligh of the Night. Come forth oh Honorable Dragon. I am not worthy of harnessing your incomparable powers. Together we shall reign over the world for all to fear. Moohahahaha...HAW
by Niamh M February 08, 2009
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