Eliah means chill. Crazy . A bit loopy at times, She LOVES chocalate milk and some PB&J REPRESENT PS SHe loves to Cook cupcakes and brownies
Person1:Daaang.ELiah's Red Velet cupcakes with sprinkles are the BOMB!Shes so invited to my next party!
Person2:I prefer her double chocolate brownies!WHOA she is a great dancer&wears my Pb&J she promised?
Eliah:heeey HII SUP?*HANDS PB&J*
by EliahLover1 October 12, 2011
Top Definition
Slang for male sex god.
Your girl called me an Eliah
I was destined to be an Eliah
He is such an Eliah
by Gary Shira January 28, 2008
A name for a person that is a cunt biscuit that gets a hard pussy over their coworkers. This person usually has a super loose twat despite the fact that they're commonly of male origin. This person is also commonly late to their obligations including work and then attempt bribes with food and drinks to cover up their tardiness. Eliahs also get large boners for the Christian Bale's Batman voice.
"Eliah is such a twat biscuit."
"Eliah gets such a hard pussy for Khrischen it's disgusting."
"Eliah's boner hasn't gone away all day because he watched The Dark Knight last night."
by I Make Pussy Hard December 18, 2013
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