Comic about an insane elf. He kills people, rapes little girls, smokes weed, etc. Makes odd political comments and twists major issues to the point of ridicule, and beyond. Features a slice of talking cheese. One of the only good webcomics.
Jesus was a rat and a snail!
by Somebdoy November 25, 2003
Top Definition
A small anarchistic gnome who is under the impression he is an elf. Elftor's adventures are the stuff of legend. He pimps, drinks, smokes and kills his way up the ladder of fame with his politically incorrect comics.

He has various friends, including Cheesetor, R2D2, and Cheesemonkey. To restore the ethnic balance is Jerometor, a token black man who steals watermelons and imbibes crack cocaine.

Many comics involve killing, drugs, sex, pimping and habitation inside a large mans arse. As such Elftor is not recommended for children, the politically sensitive, or anyone above the height of 14cm.
At one stage Elftor met Osama Bin Laden and educated him in the art of pimping hos. They then used some recreational drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc) and shot some people with an M16. Elftor then forced some colored people to pick his cotton, while raping several babies.
by phx April 08, 2004
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