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When an individual pinches his foreskin while peeing
Royce blew it up like an elephant dick, to clean his peckker after the stripper gave him a rinse.
by Dirk Zediggs February 15, 2013
2 Words related to Elephant Dick
the biggest funnel you could ever come across. remember
to turn the valve clockwise and NEVER funnel moonshine. fits eight beers, HAVE FUN
HOLY CRAP, that elephant dick barely fit in my mouth
by asiabby November 28, 2010
a very long and fully packed blunt which is rolled with two or more dutches/games/phillies/white owls/swishers/wraps put together lengthwise. usually enjoyed between 3-5 people in order to get the fullest effect. generally rolled on 4/20 of a given year, but absolutely not limited to that day. predecessor to and generally confused with the term 'extendo'
tell them about the elephant dick we rolled last hit so nice and burned so long, i can barely remember the whole experience. mann its a good thing i took a photo, and props on rollin that by the way
by 520 west side April 15, 2010

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