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What happens when Electronic Arts and Activision merge together, since they are now so similar to eachother they probably would; EA is whoring out with BF3 and Activision is doing the same with MW3.

Although decent games, they are merely seeds, planted by the hogs which are DICE and Infinity Ward, and slave-driven by the rich sheepherders (EA and Activision). Their thoughts are that their fans will buy them unconditionally so long as it has "Battlefield", "Call of Duty", "Black Ops" or "Modern Warfare" slapped onto the cover, complete with "reviews" giving the game "5 stars" or "10 out of 10". That's all it takes to make money in the two-thousands.
Example 1:
Gamestop worker: Hey, want to buy MW3 or BF3?

Guy: I'm not going to buy or play those half-ass games. All those games are published by money-whores whose only purpose is to make a quick buck out of us. EA and Activision are all the same thing.


Guy: They will be soon. I wouldn't be surprised. Hell, lets just call them Electronic Activision once the two companies merge together!

Example 2:
Buddy: What the hell happened to FPS games these days? Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield Bad Company were good games, but Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 kinda suck ass.

Pal: You know what, you're right! We need to rise up against these Electronic Activision games and buy some REAL games! This is America, we can rise up against these whores and win the gaming industry back once and for all!
by Bill_Mach August 07, 2012

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