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Once living in a secret gas chamber millions of miles benath the earth. The gas chamber was made in 1493, when the settlers decided to make a special defense mechanism, just is case of war. The settles gave their weapon a name, they called him, ElectroRobotMan. But when the war came, the one person with the key to the gas chamber was killed, and the robot was never taken out. Now, five-hundred years later, he has regenerated, and has became powerfull enough to escape the chamber! And he has returned, none other than to, MAKE A WEBPAGE! Keeping his name just the same, he is........ELECTROROBOTMAN.
And with a clever diguise as a fireman, he is now able to roam the streets in peace, and continue his bad website!
Hey look, it's ElectroRobotMan.
by Alen A. and Igor B. June 17, 2004
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