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One who is influenced by techno/mod culture, and mixes their own funky style with that of the punk scene. In dress they are their own, and tend to have a unique, off-beat personality. They are probably counter-culture and an intellectual. Quite eccentric. Scientific/long name for them is "orthodox electro-punk misfit" or "orthodox electro-punk nerd".
"Wow, that new girl's so weird. She likes to wear eighties dresses and mosh to Madonna, what's her problem?"
"Oh, she's just one of those electro-punk kids. They like to call themselves 'orthodox electro-punk misfits' though."
by Jane is not sane. December 19, 2005
A fusion of electro and punk rock invented by The Screamers in the mid-1970s. Usually made with a sequencer or keyboard and has the same song structure as regular punk. The term electropunk has recently been discovered by scene kids and in turn they labeled various crunkcore/metalcore/pop rock bands as electronicore/electropunk because they use sequencers in their songs. Typically the samples and/or keyboard sounds are used in the way instruments used in punk (drums, bass, and guitar).


The Screamers
Atom And His Package
Glenn Pakendasen

Not Electropunk:

Asking Alexandria
Blood On The Dance Floor
Breathe Carolina
Electropunk is most likely the most DIY form of punk since it needs a $0 budget and is super unpopular.
by jsaji2i302i903289038 February 22, 2013
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