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Generally an attractive girl who has sworn abstinance. She likes to flirt with younger men and lead on older men. She will make out all night long but no further than that. She will also dance with guys she feels sorry for.
guy #1- Wow she is cute
guy #2- Goodluck breaking that forcefield, she is an electa
by petew September 30, 2011
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Electa, also known as gay boy, is commenly known as the most gay, haunted, soggiest place ever.

- also known as: electa hall
- also known as: gay boy
- pronounced: gaeye boiye
Jill: "Hey man i hope you don't live in gaeye boiye."
John: "awwh man i'm so gaeye"
Addy (pronounced indiot): ohyz yeah gaeye boye electa !
by Additya Mishra March 10, 2008

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