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Eleana is a somewhat spanish name and a hebrew name ( of corse is spelled differently) This name is extremly rare and is not a name used verry often. There are varients of this name but all pronounced differently such as Elana, Ilana,Ilyana, Eliana,Eleanna,Eleena and so on and so forth. The hebrew meaning of this name is "God ansewers" it also means tree.

Eleana is a rare name because it is beautiful and can only be given to the best of people!
Is'nt Eleana awesome?
by AwesomE Gal March 18, 2009
The most beautiful person in the world. She has no idea how beautiful she is. Even though I make fun of her, I love her. She is the hottest girl out there and she has the rarest name out there. She has a flat chest, but its okay because her personality and ass cover for it. Everybody thinks shes ugly but I think shes hot as fuck. She laughs everytime I make a joke and everytime I get hurt, but I forgive her because thats what a guy does to the girl he likes. She cusses daily because shes a badass motherfucker.
RetardedPoliceMan "Get out of your car miss, your under arrest for your flat chest. *Eleana gets out of car* "Well, quite an ass you got there! Never mind your free to go."
Eleana "Thanks Bitch!" *Speeds off*
by Jigglethecockbitch October 29, 2011
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