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An exclusive form of sex in which a man "rogers" somebody's folded elbow until ejaculating. It is often a last resort, if the other 3 holes are taken.
SACK likes to elbow fuck Anna-Lisa
by Sam Stockley March 11, 2008
Reference to the sensual, frequent "high-fives" between Magenta and Riff Raff in the classic cult film Rocky Horror Picture Show.
After releasing Rocky from captivity, Magenta and Riff Raff elbow fucked in celebration.
by Sean Kelly March 11, 2006
Extreme attraction to a person.

Fantasy or real frottage of typically nonsexual body parts.
She's so fucking hot I'd fuck her elbow.

I fucked her elbow with my eyes.
by Thai Lover October 22, 2003
A female who is just horrid enough to only want to elbowfuck her and not stick yer dick in.
Is Steve's friend Judy hot? Not really, she's more of an elbowfuck.
by Davey B February 07, 2004
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