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1. a steamy hot smack on the elbow, usually performed by someone's tongue. leads to a sensation of your elbow being wet and warm. increases sexual ability and performance.

When I saw Boris, I wanted to go all Shibby and give his sexy elbow a lick
by boris! August 05, 2003
29 7
More than amazing...It's the ultimate act of gratification.
"If I could actually lick my own elbows, I'd never leave the house!"
by I love Boris August 08, 2003
12 7
Far beyond Orgasm
My Nutmeg has gone all Shimmy since my elbow was licked.
by Boris has the sexiest elbows August 08, 2003
11 8
i can lick my elbow. isn't that hella tight.
watch me lick my elbow
by kizzo February 15, 2004
13 16