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An amazingly beautiful godess that all the greek men loved. She was so beautiful that there is a greek island named after her.
The beautiful island of Elba is located in Greece
#island #elba #godess #loved my men #beautiful #amazing
by greekhistorian. April 28, 2009
This is the most beautifulest women in the world. No one is like this woman. This type of woman is one to die for. She is beautiful, loving a very intelligent person. Although she is very protective of her emotions, her walls will only deteriorate to the one true savior of her soul. One who saves her from a life full of anger, lust and stubborn love life. A very seductive person when it comes to getting what she wants. This is a woman that mankind is not ready for she is one that can lead an army of Chinese emperors. Do not be fooled this woman does not need any other man but herself. This is the one and do not think otherwise.
That woman is truly wifey material she is really an Elba.
#elbas #goddess #beautiful #rose #passikn
by TragicLove September 01, 2014
El baboso bicho mio...
Take Elba!
by HiElba May 13, 2016
The last page on your iPad or iPhone where all apps are exiled that can't be deleted or you just can't force yourself to delete.
crap, I can't delete my newstand app icon, so I'll just exile it to Elba...bravo pour la victoire!
#delete #crap #application #exile #elba
by $cotty neutron March 06, 2012
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