Top Definition
Elanna is a high class girl
she has a very great personality
she can be a bitch sometimes
likes to play sports
Elanna has a think body type,and knows when to use it
can be a tomboy sometimes.And will knock a Ho* out. Don't mess this girl because shes a Elanna.
Dude. i totally want a Elanna.
by E.jay May 02, 2010
Gorgeous girl and a great person. She is easy to opinionate on and is so naive about the world but don't underestimate this one cuz she's not finished yet. You can never know with her but one things for certain. She is harmless. And if you can gain this girls trust she will love you like no other. She draws people to her and no matter how much you try you can't stop thinking about her. Shes the one that will always have the biggest impact.
Man, I never put this much work into someone like I did for Elanna
by Storyline July 14, 2013
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