Top Definition
ekdizzle is the only piece of white chocolate on the streets of hancock, michigan. He is a p.i.m.p. , walks wit a strut, and he ain't afraid to bust a nut.
ekdizzle , you's insane man!
ekdizzle loves lindizzle fo shizzle my nizzle straight grizzle my snizzle.
by nate ekdahl January 16, 2005
(ekdizzle) is a boy who is straight up gangsta, he's got the girl, he's got the cash, the looks, and his "gangsta lifetstyle" is a complete success
ekdizzle is straight of the nizzle straight up snopp fizzle sizzle my grizzle

ekdizzle is "pure" gangsta
by nathan ekdahl January 16, 2005
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