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A brief period of sheer clarity and enlightenment only experienced in the short, glorious moments following an ejaculation. During this time of euphoria and wisdom, one sees the true meaning of life and is able to prioritize without the temporary, carnal biases of sexual desires. Ejaculightenment is exclusive to the male orgasm; in fact, the female orgasm often produces feelings of "love" and "closeness."

Noun: Ejaculightenment
Verb: Ejaculighten
Past tense: Ejaculightened
Progressive: Ejaculightening
After my most recent ejaculightenment, the phrase "bro's before hoes" really resonates with me. I now see that I waste an ungodly amount of time lusting after beef curtains and a pair of tits.
by QUAD4LIFE February 11, 2010
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