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Eina is the most genuine person you will ever meet. She has a huge and soft heart, strong beliefs and an open mind.

A very curious person that loves to explore the world and the weird things that boggles her mind.
A very intelligent woman that never brags nor seeks attention.
She has a good sense of humor and has her witty moments.
She is beautiful even though she would never admit it.

She is shy, and easy to scare but has gone through so much in life and has shown so much strength and courage.

She has a very strict moral compass, she never wants to inconvenience anybody. Some would even call her a martyr for she would willingly sacrifice to help others or make the situation better for other people.
She is very caring and loves to help people even strangers. She would go the extra mile for just about anybody.
She's extremely hardworking and gives a hundred and ten percent at everything she does.

She's talented, passionate and very dedicated.

She excels at just about anything she puts her mind to.

She's understanding, too understanding even. She would never judge and would always seek for the good in everybody.

She's wise and mature but is a kid at heart.

She is the most patient person I have ever met.

over-all, she's an extremely amazing person, a little too nice and too trusting but despite that, she is an individual that is beautiful inside and out.
That girl is amazing, and she deserves better

Oh, you must be talking about Eina.
by perceptive_01 April 06, 2013
A village in Vestre Toten municipality, Oppland, Norway. Population is 677 . A destinations on the railroad track Gjøviksbanen, between Jaren and Raufoss. Eina is located 12 km south of Raufoss, and has its center just north of Einavatnet (or Einafjorden). From Einavatnet comes the river Hunnselva which travels north to Mjøsa. Some 1,500 people inhabit the area surrounding the lake, not including Eina.
Eina is a name.
by MockTertl February 04, 2010

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