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really pretty/gorgeous/beautiful girl
God!!beyonce is soo eimear right now!
by Kylie November 26, 2003
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The queen of the world
Your Royalness, the queen, Eimear
by Eimear December 09, 2003
Eimear is the greatest thing that has landed on this earth, she is amazing!

I wish I was like Eimear
Eimear is perfect
by lgphonecait June 19, 2010
An Eimear is just one of those people. They like to keep it PG (the name means six gifts, one of which being chastity). They have a tendency to LOVE musicals and are most often very intelligent especially at maths. Although they can be quiet, give them a keypad and they'll go cray cray! Elite at coming up with one liners and you'll ALWAYS have an inside joke with them. Most compatible with people called 'Aaron'.
'Eimear is just so elite.
by thebaeishere_10 January 28, 2015
adj. needing or craving pizza

Today i was soo Eimear!
by Natalie April 03, 2003
The back of a ballbag
An eimear needs a good shaving once in a while
by unknown676 July 23, 2009

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