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Very good person, loves to hang out. is a silly person and has a great sense of humour.
Eilish has a great sese of humour, don't you think?
by Elizabeth45 March 23, 2009
An extremely random person who will regularly change the subject of a conversation mid-sentence.
Guy 1: OMG did u see scrubs last shiny
Guy 2: Dude you just did an Eilish!
by Cailin19 July 01, 2009
So funny, she's a girl everyone wants to be friends with! Sporty as! Really good sense of humor and can be silly if she wants to. Easy to irritate sometimes but very loving and caring.
Hey look it's Eilish!
by Zoey101Lish September 24, 2010
her homeland is golflinks and boy, she is proud. will be found with:
1. a mirror
2. foundation
3. a cigarette or bifta
4. a black man
person 1: yea i jus went down golflinks n saw that sexy eilish. dyou reckon she'd giv me head
person 2: yea, probly
by DRimogen great at biology March 01, 2005
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