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We are all about the Indian Music Scene! Music News and Services. Eight Octaves is an online portal where musicians meet each other and their fans.
There is a massive amount of untapped musical talent in India and we want to showcase it to the world!

Just in case you dont know what we do:
1. Services
Photo-shoots: Does your Band need a photoshoot or a portfolio done?
Design: Complete artist branding - Logos, artwork, album art, posters.
To book a slot, contact:

2. Music Journalism - Stay in touch with the latest in the Indian Music Scene with our events calendar, news updates and interview with the biggest names in the industry

3. Album Reviews - Where else will you know which music to buy!?

Are you a musician looking for a band or A band looking for a musician? Our forums are for YOU!

Do like our page and spread the word!
Eight Octaves Services
by Eight Octaves July 19, 2012
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