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Heavily intoxicated by a chemical substance (esp. alcohol).
Oh my god, I can't believe how eigenfaced I was last night!
by Ciaran H May 02, 2006
To be extremely intoxicated by the ingestion of one or more substances, such that the senses become acutely imbalanced and hallucination has become the norm.
Portmanteau derived from the concept of eigenvalues (/eigenvectors) in mathematics by which the axis of highest variation can be found in multidimensional data, and being faced, or intoxicated beyond the norm.
"Last night I was more wankered than the time I thought the walls were made of camembert. In fact, I was eigenfaced!" Conceded the Bishop, before collapsing. (Rumsblatt, 1925)
by thepog April 28, 2010
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