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Definition 1 :being into yourself so much to the point that it becomes annoying (thinking the world revolves around you)
/thinking to much of yourself
Ex.1 Kanye West thinks hes so important that "Jesus walks with him', but he is really just being egotastic.
by AwesomeJr October 04, 2010
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those stairs are so not ego-tastic...
by A January 20, 2004
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A condition in which:
1) A person is so egotistic that it achieves a fantastic level.
2) A person is aware of their huge ego and that only makes them boost it even more.
3) A person who has an ego problem, but it only makes them more likable.
Girl1: So, how was your date with Boy1?
Girl2: Don't get me started. All he did was talk about his hair. And when I changed the subject, he somehow got the subject on himself again. Uggh!
Girl3: Oh, him. He's so egotastic!
Girl1: ...
Girl2: ...
Girl3: ...
Girl1: So... when are you two going on date three?
by DirtyGlasses August 07, 2014
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