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A recipe for destruction of your mind.
Take some closeknit families of the italian variety, a few al quaeda operatives, jewish scriptwriters, and some all powerful freemasons, add in some A-list movie stars, stir till they all turn into vampires, stir in in some coke from some pop stars on narcotics, cook in a hot oven of the secret service "'hacker'' variety, and sprinkle with a little celebrity papparazzi a la gossip girl and perez hilton wrapped up in newspapers.

You then have a sorry state of one screwed up bunch of scrambled eggs Victoria, good luck unscrambling this one.
eggs a la victoria

-a million star dining.... tastes like madness, mayhem, chaos theory, insanity.... a delectable little mess i'll be eating up at home alone in bed. For the term of my natural life.
by scrambled egg masterchef January 18, 2011
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