When a girl curls up into an egg shape then planting her face onto ground while a male with penis or female with strap on then either screws the girl in the vegina (thanks to the angle) or analy, like doggie style.

"The Egg Position"
Kelly: "Hey Jess, wanna start Egging?"

Jess: "Sure thing Kelly! kitchen or the living room?"

Kelly: "Either rooms good" (wink)

Kelly: "We can always do the next room tomorrow"

Jess: "Who's cleaning up the mess though?"

Kelly: "Ummmm........Tash will, since, after all, shes our slave"
The process of covering other foods with eggs, thus egging it.
chicken and chips covered in eggs and cheese, is an example of egging something
by eggman2009 June 03, 2009
when you "bum" some 1. and you are continuously licking his arse and trying to impress him, and follwing him
he is a f**king nutter, he is sooooo nang
by ape boy May 02, 2004

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