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An Egg nogger is a white person who acts black and thinks they are black.
Eggs are white and nogger is a derivitive of nigger
Yo Jimmy D is such an egg nogger with his pants down low and his gold chaind daawg!
by Joe Deboer December 04, 2013
we've all been egging houses right? an eggnoger is one who participates in eggnogging, the art of lighting a ziploc bag, doused in gasoline, on fire and leaving it on someones front porch to observe them stomp it out, leaving a hugeass eggnog mess.
friend:dude, just light it and run
eggnogger:ok ok, GO GO GO GO GOO!
old man victim to the eggogging:you goddamn eggnogga's!
by may fannie December 19, 2007

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