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A word used by british policemen, used to explain an astounding and surprising fact in thier case. Alas the fact is quite rarely astounding or surprising.
Egads! Johnson put away your toad! You suprised and astonished me!
by Catpacket August 11, 2006
22 19
A common exclamation, abbreviated from phrases such as "Ye gods!".
"Egads, man! Put some trousers on!"
by Squiggle April 24, 2005
448 123
An interjection or exclimation, usually due to surprise. Sometimes said by the eldery folks.
Egad! There is pudding all over the floor!
by NF May 27, 2005
169 49
It is a pagan way of saying omg. It comes from the saying "ye gods", and, as everyone knows, the greek and roman gods had a way of messing with people's lives. So when you say egads, in a sense, you're saying "you fuckers," but softly.
It is used to express mild dismay or frustration.
Egads, you've said that already 12 times.


You washed that silk blouse in hot water?--egads!
by blacksheepunite July 10, 2009
181 97
an exclimation.

used to descibe excitment
EGAD! That bitch is a lesbian!
by MattocS February 28, 2003
154 81
Egad is a morphed form of egads.

Egads used to mean "ye gods" and now is more closely linked to "OMG" or "oh god"; Some people think there is only one god, so egad has evolved to express that idea. At the heart of it is the notion that god is a trickster who screws with us.

We use it to say that something severely messed up has just happened.
Egad--my computer crashed and I lost all my work. Again.
by blacksheepunite July 10, 2009
78 21
An exclamation used when extremely surprised, excited or horrified. Is always followed by an exclamation point when written out.
Egads! That guy should do something about his brambles.
by mustang October 13, 2003
59 9
An expression of shock or exclamation.
...E-Gad! you're not female.
by Lenkiewicz January 21, 2005
43 12