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A hot, sexy, beast.

Also known as the "fallen angel" and has a gorgeous dimple that makes everyone (maybe just me) want to lick it.

He is also found in the most famous "KangTeuk" pairing of Super Junior (also known as "sexy").

Leeteuk is most famous for his hyena-like laugh and his superb leading skills.
Example 1:

Person A: "Oh~ That guy looks almost as gorgeous as Leeteuk-oppa!"
Person B: "...Bitch. There's no one NEAR as sexy as he is."

Example 2:

Person A: "KangTeuk is the hottest pairing ever!"
Person B: "Duh. Leeteuk makes up half of it."

Example 3:

Person B: "Oh, no biggie. That was Leeteuk laughing."
by xCrimsonxAngelx May 30, 2011
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