Eets is the collective noun for anything edible.

Pronunciation: AIDS.
1) I Can Haz Eets?

2) I'm hungry .... Let's get Eets!

3) Do you Eets?

4) I want Eets!
by Rinkusoz January 05, 2010
A chant spoken highly of the wise group known as eetists.

A sense of humor defined simply of bastard humor, cruel humor, and other weird oddities
"Wow dude, i seen "Roots" last night, and i must say the slaves getting whiped was eet"

"That lady getting run over by a semi is quite eet if you ask me"
by Josh Onimus December 10, 2003
verb: Refusing to eat broccoli on a Sunday morning.

(Often heard by Regina Spektor in a song called "Eet")
Jane's mom yelled at her daughter who was eeting right before they left for church that morning.
by that bitch stole my cookies! August 27, 2010
south african word.
two meanings.

1: process where one takes food, put it in his mouth, chew and then swallow

2: hitting someone with something, including fists, rocks, bricks etc.
1: afrikaans: ek eet my kos
pronounciation: a'k ee'it may cos
english: i eat my food

2: afrikaans: ek eet hom met 'n vuis
pronounciation: a'k ee'it hom met a face
english: i eet him with a fist
by eet December 14, 2004
A chant spoke by a group known as eetist.

oot , a derivative of the eet
spoken mostly of apelike eetist
"wow man , I just saw "Amistad" , and the slave scenes are eet"

"Holy shit!, that lady just got nailed by that semi, EET!"
by Josh Onimus December 10, 2003

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