Sexy charming and good lookin athletic smart
Hey Edwin “Sup Dogg” sup sweet cheeks and Edwin makes a three and wins the game for the state championships
by Edwim March 27, 2015
a cuntbag
you: "have you seen Edwin"
me: "oh the cuntbag?"
by krm20192019-- May 11, 2016
EDWIN, a weird person that believes anything people tell him.
EDWIN, believes in the illuminati.
by THOM.SEAGAL August 07, 2015
Can be an azz
Hey did you see that guy?

He is a total Edwin!!!
by February 05, 2010
Moments in the manga, in the anime, fanfictions, or other similar things suggesting that the Fullmetal Alchemist characters Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell are in love.
Ed: "Winry, I'll remember you."
Edwin Fangirls: "OH MY GOD EDWIN!!!"
by Memous January 02, 2006
The (canon) shipping of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell of the anime and manga, Fullmetal Alchemist. Winry also happens to be Ed's mechanic for his prosthetic arm and leg. Ed also is rather dense in the fact that he has not realised Winry is in love with him, but he is very protective of her.
Winry often chucks her wrench at him when he comes to visit with broken limbs, due to her worry about his dangerous situations.
An example of an EdWin moment...
Winry: *sees broken arm* *has a fit and chucks her spanner at Ed*
Ed: Ow...
Winry: Have you broken your arm AGAIN???
Ed: Well, when I get my original limbs back, I won't ever need automail(prosthetic limbs) again...
Winry: How can you prefer real limbs to the beauty of automail???
Ed: Automail geek.
Winry: Alchemy geek.
by queentiria April 11, 2009
To leave without saying anything. This word came from the origins of Jade's childhood. His father, Edwin, left Jade when he was a little boy. Edwin left without saying anything. It is said that he was once seen in Africa, right before he got trampled by a heard of elephants.
Person 1: Where did Russell go?
Person 2: Great, he pulled an Edwin!
by Calubaquib March 08, 2006
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