The (canon) shipping of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell of the anime and manga, Fullmetal Alchemist. Winry also happens to be Ed's mechanic for his prosthetic arm and leg. Ed also is rather dense in the fact that he has not realised Winry is in love with him, but he is very protective of her.
Winry often chucks her wrench at him when he comes to visit with broken limbs, due to her worry about his dangerous situations.
An example of an EdWin moment...
Winry: *sees broken arm* *has a fit and chucks her spanner at Ed*
Ed: Ow...
Winry: Have you broken your arm AGAIN???
Ed: Well, when I get my original limbs back, I won't ever need automail(prosthetic limbs) again...
Winry: How can you prefer real limbs to the beauty of automail???
Ed: Automail geek.
Winry: Alchemy geek.
by queentiria April 11, 2009
Top Definition
Word used to describe someone incredibly funny and charming.
"Fucking hell he's Edwin"
by 04656870785 June 28, 2009
An obnoxious but lovable friend, says some really dumb shit, but manages to make it funny. Typically tall and awkward in motion. Generally bad ass.
"I'm trying to talk on the phone, stop yelling. You're being an Edwin"
by Imperator07 March 01, 2009
Not only he has the most perfect size balls to fit your hands, but he also has got to have the most beautiful, cunning, enticing penis you'd ever see. The size also comes in handy with a bulge u cant miss, always sticks out of his pants.
Did u see the size of his crotch, he must be an Edwin
by jojodie February 03, 2010
Bad ass mother fucker who don't take no shit from nobody.
OMG! he is a total edwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by [tim] May 21, 2009
Amazing, Wonderful, Happy, Outgoing, Energetic. The most ambitious person you'll ever meet. He will always keep a promise & is such a great person to everyone he meets. He could also be defined as perfection & love.
Person1: Who is that guy ??
Person2: That, that is an Edwin(:
by Hislilbunnybutt July 08, 2011
Perfection, sweetness, sexy, just overall a perfect lover
OMG, He is such an Edwin <3
Like Edwin is so sweet, and is mine <3
by Linnaaxx33 February 22, 2013
The sweetest panda in the world. Buys chocolates and cheetos for girls. Gets sprung very quickly also.
Edwin- "I miss you",, "please come over", "Im sprung"
by Bronxonwheels April 16, 2011
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