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A person who is totaly in love with the character Edward Cullen from the seires by Stephenie Meyer. Edward is a vampier who falls in love with a girl. He must starve himself of her blood in order for her to stay alive. This act of love is one of the reasons teenager girls (and maybe some boys) across the world concider him the most romantic person who has ever walked this planet. (myself included) An Edwardist knows were to find all of the best parts of the book, went out and bought Eclipse when it came out on August 7th, and is constantly putting herself in Bella's (the female protagonist) shoes. Not only is it enough for an Edwardist to read the books, but she/he must also live the books.
Girl One: Did you see Mitch looking at you in English??
Edwardist: Who cares. Would Mitch put me before himself. Would he marry me at a mere age of 18 so that he can turn me into a vampier? And most importantly, does he even look a quarter as sexy as EDWARD?
Girl One: Jeez! Picky...
by MockQueenGirl August 27, 2007
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