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Edward Conroy Ed-wood Kon-roy - noun

1. A really nice, enthusiastic, hot person who is always fun to be around

2. A person who tends to be even more hilarious when under the influence of alcohol

3. A person who has a very large and often, gigantic penis

4. Someone who is an advocate for civil rights, more specifically: anti-racism; women's rights; anti-discrimination; equality etc.

5. A certain individual who despises ignorance
1. "haha you're such an Edward Conroy"

2. - "That woman should get back to the kitchen!"
- "No that's incredibly chauvinistic, you bigoted goob"
- "Wow, I never knew you were such an Edward Conroy"

3. - "Oh my God I am so smashed"
- "haha and you're even funnier now than you ever were before, you Edward Conroy"
by allthatandabagofchips August 16, 2010
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