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Edgewood or E-Dubb is a small part of Cranston Rhode Island and its where it all goes down. We smoke alot of weed and theres alot of Beerpong going down too. Fires down at Fay Feild and mad cops on our asses. Theres Edgewood South Elmwood Little League and if you lived in E-dubb as a kid, u played for ESE.Carbary and Lisi feilds. Theres AL-Mal and we have the Bay right there. If you know Edgewood like i do, then you would know what i'm talking about. E-DUBB!!!
Yo, come to E-Dubb

Down for chillin in E-dubb today?
by E-dubb OG June 21, 2006
Noun: Slang for Emma Willard School, an all-girls private school in Troy, NY. Preps, waifs, lesbians and freaks are forced behind these grey walls for nine months, without any kind of contact with the outside world, including acitivities involving any kind of male participation. The daily meals of four-day old leftovers and questionable salad bar and bakery alternatives force the girls to order out, making the Emma Willard diet consist mostly of Chinese take-out and coked-up pizza. Administrators stretch their minds to find ways to make curriculum harder, days longer and restriction total. But faculty and staff consistently underestimate the spirit of the Emma Willard girls. Despite their life of cruel imprisonement, they still manage to escape their deathly boring academic lives through stealth tactics and have earned the reputation of best partiers and hottest prep school girls among their fellow prep school and public school friends. Once they have escaped, Emma Willard girls have been known to party it up with the male population they never get to see during school, and aren't afraid to take an opportunity for a hook-up or open house into their own hands. Only the strong and sexy survive a place like Emma Willard, the oldest all-girl school in the country with the toughest academic reputation, but that makes all of the Edubbs girls even hotter.
The guys were heading to a party at the house of an Edubbs girl because they knew a good time was garaunteed.
by treschic June 20, 2006
ghetto nickname for the town of East Windsor CT..influenced the creation of S-Dubb for South Windsor which was named AFTER edubb
yo i was chillin in millpond in edubb yo.. it was off the chizain
by elliot edubb September 02, 2006
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