A town in western washington about 20 miles north of seattle in witch has the most police officers, asians, and over the hill people per capita of normal people anyone could ever dream or nightmare of.
Teen no.1 "Dude lets go to downtown Edmonds and check out the babes!"

Teen no.2 "you really are a fag aren't you?"

by Robert from the halfway house. August 23, 2008
Top Definition
Edmonds are usually sophisticated and sensitive human beings with good foresight and uncanny abilities to predict the future. They are generally exceptional kissers and dynamite in the sack. They are also responsible and good cooks. When they see what they want, they just go get it.
"I need some advice - I need to go see an Edmond"

"Oooh, that Edmond sure can kiss!"

"I need an Edmond to make me dinner."
by Roo!!!! February 04, 2010
As in Edmonds, WA. Second largest city in Snohomish County. Has a ferry that travels to Kingston, WA. Voted Friendliest town in the Puget Sound 10 years and running
Birthplace of:

Ken Jennings, popular Jeopardy! contestant
Hometown of:

Rick Steves, the well-known travel writer
Rosalynn Sumners, the Olympic figure skating medalist
Steven W. Bailey, actor
David Bazan, musician
Anna Faris, actress
Martell Webster, guard for the Portland Trailblazers, as of 2007
Dean Demopoulos, assistant coach of the Portland Trailblazers.19
Todd Linden, baseball player in the Cleveland Indians organization
Joe Woerman, baseball player in the Seattle Mariners organization
Home to the Waterfront Festival, Edmonds Art Festival, and the Taste of Edmonds
Population around 40,000
Snohomish Counties largest population of senior citizens who suck at driving.
The youth refer to it as Deadmonds or the place you come to die
"Where are you from?"

"Edmonds or rather D'edmonds"
by Jaimie Wilson June 19, 2008
Tall, funny, smart, friendly guy. Amazing at sports. Excellent leader, and cooks like Chef Ramsey. He`s a good friend that will not let your secrets slip out and when in an relationship, will do whatever to make it work out well! Respectful and humble.
Man, that guy is so tall and nice. He must be an Edmond.
by lolcat43211234 January 10, 2013
Excellent; immensely lucky; an example of great skill or cunning; obvious attractiveness.
"That shot was proper edmonds, man."

"That sure was one edmonds night we had."
by LPK February 17, 2006
An asian guy's name variation of "Edward". Edmond's are always talented in an area you would have never guessed. Tall, lazy, spoiled, moody, and wishes too hard for some model to be in bed with him every single minute of his life. BTW they ABSOLUTELY hate being called "Eddy".
1: "Hey is that guy painting naked women?"
2: "Yeah I would have never guessed Edmond was such a great artist!"
1: "Dude, that painting is making me bone."
2: "..."
by wtf its edmond. April 07, 2009
Noun, informal.

A term made popular by the classic television series "Blackadder II", meaning canine excrement, or dog shit.
E: If I die, Baldrick, do you think people would remember me?
B: Yeah. People would always be slapping each other on the shoulders and laughing, and saying "Do you remember old Privy-breath?"
E: Do people call me "Privy-breath"?
B: Yeah, the ones who like you.
E: Am I then not popular?
B: Erm, well, put it this way: when people slip in what dogs have left in the street, they do tend to say "Whoops, I've trod on an Edmond."

- Blackadder II, Episode 4: "Money".
by i5318008 November 12, 2009
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